Your one-stop-point for market access, pre-launch and launch activities in Europe.

Context and client needs

Our client was a European biotech, launching a lifesaving drug in Europe for an ultra-rare disease. This disease affects about twenty patients in France. It received a European marketing authorization and was designated “ultra-orphan drug”.

Our client’s needs were:

– support for their marketing and commercial operations,
– support on regulatory and market access processes,
–  support for their medical activities,
– support logistics and cash collection
– support for their global strategy and tactic for 6 countries in Europe and partnership in Scandinavia.

BlueDil approach:

In the first place, BlueDil called on its European network and choose 3 project managers in United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. Each consultant presented their national market access specificities.

They were managed from France in order to offer a single-entry point to our client.

We then proceed to identify and select a partner in Scandinavia.

With its expertise, BlueDil provided a full local support and succeeded in controlling expenses according to client’s needs.



Since 2014, beginning of this mission, BlueDil has handled various tasks for our client, such as :

  • KOL mapping
  • Participation to local and international congresses
  • Organisation and administration of advisory board
  • One single entry point for our client to gather all information

BlueDil’s strategy was fully endorsed and implemented, resulting in the obtain of the target price and a full unconditional reimbursement. All relevant physicians were engaged.

Despite the presence of three competitors, our client was able to reach 100% market penetration. Territories under the responsibility of BlueDil represented about 50% of the worldwide sales.

Benefits for you:

  • End-to-end supervision and support in the countries
  • Commercial success: the drug was able to reach 100% market penetration
  • Immediate action: our team was on the field to start the mission right after the contract’s signature.
  • Light investment Valuable input to the client strategy
  • Low structure: one consultant by country.