BlueDil helps pharmaceutical and medical device companies, scientific societies, healthcare professionals and patient associations to develop innovation programs and design thinking workshops in order to boost their communication and gather complementary skills around a common goal: innovation.Digital is increasingly a vector of new solutions for patients, that’s why BlueDil started in 2016 to organize hackathons with the French association Shape my Health.

Our vision of Hackathons

Everyone does Hackathons, but are they all the same ? We don’t think so.
We have an ambitious vision for hackathons: We want them to really change the deal for patients and health care profesionals.
We work with the best partners and together select the best digital projects and attract the best players. We support the projects of our Hackathon operations before, during and after the Hackathon week-end.

It takes time – more a year than a week-end, and a lot of energy, but the results are fantastic.



BlueDil organized for the 1st time in 2019-2020, DigH@cktion, the first innovation program dedicated to diseases of the digestive system.

Initiated by 17 associations, federations and scientific societies, DigH@cktion meets two objectives: stimulates the emergence of digital innovation and raises public awareness around digestive diseases.

These actors have joined together in the search for digital solutions. innovative solutions to raise awareness, support and promote the development of the care of patients with diseases of the digestive system.

For this first edition of DigH@cktion, more than 250 people took part. are brought together for 48 hours of creation, innovation and sharing around diseases. digestive system



For the fourth time, BlueDil organizes the unique health innovation programme, patient centric and entirely dedicated to respiratory diseases: COPD, sleep apnea, asthma, lung cancer, interstitial lung disease and rare lung diseases.

Initiated in 2015 by 10 patient associations and scientific societies, RespirH@cktion stimulates, each year, the emergence of digital innovation and raises public awareness around respiratory disease. It is also a place where all stakeholders in respirology sector: doctors, patients and patient’s family, industrials…

In 2019, 35 projects incubated in our hackathons are still ongoing.

After 4 years, the steering committee has reached the objectives they had set at the beginning of this adventure. In order to give themselves time for reflection to develop new projects, they decided to put RespirH@cktion on hold, which is why there will not be a 2020 edition of the hackathon.