#What Do I Know About Rare Diseases ?

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What do you know about Alliance Maladies Rares? How many associations does it bring together? How many patients does it represent?

Created on February 24, 2000, the Alliance Maladies Rares (association under the law of 1901) now brings together more than 200 patient associations. It represents nearly 2 million patients and approximately 2,000 rare diseases. It also welcomes isolated patients and families, « orphans » of associations.
It is, as the preamble to its statutes states, « a collective, a movement and a network… It is a union that respects the identities and autonomy of each of its members, and does not replace them.
The Alliance is present throughout France’s regions through its 12 regional delegations.


For more info go to =>https://www.alliance-maladies-rares.org/nos-partenaires/nous-connaitre/