[1 month, 1 rare disease, 1 organization] Thalassemia

Every month, BlueDil focus on a different rare and severe disease.


Rare disease of this month: thalassemia.

Thalassaemia is a disease of the blood, more precisely of the haemoglobin, which affects red blood cells. It is a genetic disease that is transmitted by both parents (healthy carriers of the genetic abnormality). More present in certain geographical areas (North Africa, Mediterranean Basin, Asia) it is thought that its appearance coincides with the presence of malaria.


How is the disease manifested?

The gene that programmes the production of haemoglobin will produce haemoglobin in very small quantities and inefficiently. There are several forms of thalassaemia. The minor forms are normally asymptomatic.
In the intermediate and major forms, hemoglobin is produced in insufficient quantity, which will result in very severe anemia that will be fatal if untreated.

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Bluedil welcomes its two new collaborators Gwenn Mayer who has joined the team as Business Support & Office Manager, and Francois Issartel as Project Manager!


Bringing together experts from various sectors, it aims to identify the challenges of this new discipline, to prepare for them and to better anticipate them.

Sylvain Forget, President of BlueDil, gave a speech to build together a common response to the challenges of gene and cell therapies.

A big thank you to Pharmaceutiques and the other speakers for a rich day in exchange and sharing.


Every year, BlueDil organizes a Wargame for students at Paris Saclay University : a 3 days simulation of work experience in a company !
Fictive company but real work and missions : the student must proves themself capable of handling the stakes of their new jobs, and develop the company.

With the help of severals professionals, they have 3 days to complete this challenge.

An immersive experience to gain real work assets.

To now more about Wargame, visit : https://www.bluedil.fr/people

La 3e Révolution Biotech - Quels outils pour renforcer la place de la France ?

BlueDil est présent au débat "La 3e Révolution Biotech - Quels outils pour renforcer la place de la France ?"

Après l’émergence des produits biologiques, puis des thérapies ciblées, la troisième révolution, celle des thérapies cellulaires et des différentes approches de thérapie génique, pose la question de la pérennité des biotechs et des politiques à adopter pour renforcer la place de la France et développer son attractivité.

BD International is on a US roadshow!

BlueDil Int’l is on a roadshow in the New York area until the 12th of February.
BlueDil int’l syndicates a network of consulting companies and experts, best-in-class in their specific domains. They all have a successful track record in the orphan environment.

We supports companies and organizations committed to delivering tailored solutions to people suffering from rare diseases, irrespective of the complexity of the situation in Europe globally and in local countries specifically.
BlueDil int’l customizes its approach to conduct a wide range of strategic and operational missions, whatever the stage in the product development / market access in Europe.

We can't wait to meet you and your challenges!

Contact us at dominique@bluedil.fr

Rare disease day !

Only a few days left until Rare Disease Day.

On this occasion, the BlueDil team shows its true colours and raises its hands to raise awareness about rare diseases.
To know more about this day : https://www.rarediseaseday.org/