#What Do I Know About Rare Diseases ?

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What are the 11 strategic axes of the National Plan for Rare Diseases 3 (2018-2022)?


Axis 1 – Reduce wandering and diagnostic deadlock
Axis 2 – Advance neonatal screening and prenatal and pre-implantation diagnostics to allow earlier diagnosis
Axis 3 – Sharing data to promote diagnosis and the development of new treatments
Axis 4 – Promote access to treatments for rare diseases
Axis 5 – Giving new impetus to research on rare diseases
Axis 6 – Fostering the emergence of and access to innovation
Axis 7 – Improving the care pathway
Axis 8 – Facilitating the inclusion of people with rare diseases and their caregivers
Axis 9 – Training health and social professionals to better identify and manage rare diseases
Axis 10 – Strengthen the role of the rare disease healthcare systems in healthcare and research issues.
Axis 11 – Clarify the positioning and missions of other national rare disease stakeholders.


For more information go to https://solidarites-sante.gouv.fr/IMG/pdf/plan_national_maladies_rares_2018-2022.pdf