BlueDil draws upon its co-founders and network partners deep expertise of biotechs, severe and orphan diseases and more broadly of the healthcare environment. We efficiently provide support to any type of companies and organizations willing to bring solutions topeople suffering from orphan and severe diseases.

A cost-effective and low risk business approach

BlueDil syndicates a network of consulting companies and experts, best-in-class in their specific domains.They all have a successful track record in the orphan environment.
We provide you with the most customized integrated service. We relieve you from the burden of multiple stakeholders and save you time and money.

BlueDil, the “one stop-point” helping you managing and solving complex issues

Opportunity assessment

Thanks to our strong scientific background we have a deep understanding of complex markets. Through in-depth qualitative research and KOL interviews we define the product value, identify stakeholders and determine key success factors.

Patient access

Because patient access is even more important in orphan and severe diseases, BlueDil provides a turnkey solution for companies to develop Early Access Programs, pre-launch and launch activities in France and Europe.

Set-up and optimization of affiliates

BlueDil helps you create, structure and optimize your affiliates. We start with a full diagnostic to design with you a personalized strategy.

International operations

Want to expand your presence in Europe and MENA with light investements ? Our network is the gateway ro manage yout activities

Orphan Drug Distribution

Based in the UK, our partner DoKSy enables your company to distributes products for a small numbers of patients across Europe.

Lifecycle Product Management

From early program phase to maturity, your product faces many challenges. BlueDil helps you find and implement the right strategy and actions to imprive your product sucess at every step.

What can we do for you ?

A few examples speak best !